Dear School Community,

Chag Sameach!  Happy Passover!  We enjoyed sharing our school wide Haggadah Presentation with all of you.   Everyone had such a great time reliving the Passover Story as our amazing team dynamically presented this ancient account.  The old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” might be restated to say, “An experience is worth a thousand pictures.”  I know that each of us will keep the picture of our children’s faces in our minds and in our hearts as we listened to the beautiful narration given by Cantor Segal, observed Rabbi Pomerantz (Miriam) dancing around with Baby Moses, saw Ms. Margie and Ms. Stacy work hard as slaves, heard God (Mark Baranek) speak to Moses, heard Mason Duboff (King Pharoh) declare, “no, no, no, I will not let them go,” watched Barbara Schpilberg (Yocheved) dance and send her baby, Moses, down the river, watched Rabbi Loiben (Pharaohs’ daughter Batyah) take baby Moses into her arms, and of course saw  Rabbi Davis lead the way as Moses!  We created a beautiful memory together that we will share forever.  These memories and the stories they tell contribute to our “living” school community story.

During this holiday we celebrate our redemption and freedom.  As a community we come from many places and wonderful cultures that have all experienced a form of bondage, redemption and hopeful freedom at some point throughout the ages.  At this time, I hope that all of our friends and families and peoples throughout the world have the opportunity to share their special holidays together in peace and joy.  May this be a time for reconnecting to our deeper authentic selves, to rid ourselves of the superfluous pieces of daily life, our bondages, whatever they may be and come out of this season with an elevated awakening of what really makes a difference in our lives.

I wish for you a beautiful spring season and wonderful Pesach.  For our families celebrating Easter, I wish for you a Happy Easter, and for our families celebrating Ramadan, may you have a meaningful celebration.  


Margie Zeskind