Wednesday 3/18/20 At home learning:

Literacy – Continue to work on signing-in (with their name-recognizing upper and lowercase letters),  journaling (draw and share- what did you work on? tell me about it…), and practice their inventive spelling. (Sound out words and write what you hear- example: rainbow would be ranbo or ranbow)

Continue to read aloud and ask prompting questions. (What do you notice? What do you wonder? before starting to read, What do you think will happen next? when you notice a problem, Retell story- what happened first? next? last?)

Creative Experiences – Create a book with your family. (Add a Title page, Author and Illustrator. Each person can come up with a part- 1: “I saw a bug.” 2: “It was tiny and colorful.” 3: “I think it is looking for a friend.” — ASK –What could happen next? 1:”It will find a spider to be friends with.” 2:”Yeah, a ninja spider that teaches the bug to do karate.” 3: “Then after karate they can get cupcakes and look for another friend.” –illustrate and try to sound out/copy some words.)

Create character by using recycled materials (paper towel and toilet paper cardboard tubes, paper, bottles) along with tape and markers.

Science Experiences-
Fill a shallow plate with high fat milk, add food coloring drips, put a dry cotton swab in- notice no change, then put soap on a cotton swab and watch how the colors move and swirl. To show how soap has a change on the “dirt” color.
Create a nature bracelet- tear a piece of tape and wrap around wrist- sticky side out, find natural treasures (or bits of paper/household materials) and stick to the tape.

Scavenger Hunt- create a list of things to “hunt” for around the house, it can be a letter hunt as well find things that start with the sound Bb ball, book, bug, and so on.

Make lists of upper case letters and learners draw a line to connect to a list of lowercase letters. Same with numbers and amounts.

Ask a question each morning and draw your answer:
What could you see if you were on the moon?
What would your superpower be?
What can you make from a square and a triangle?



Read aloud album
life cycle/animal album
Hi Pelican families!
We miss you and are wishing you well! We hope you are being your usual amazing pelican selves, while stuck at home. A mom suggested to make a schedule with your children, if you haven’t yet, so it shows how the day will run. Our schedule is our best friend at school, so this was a great idea.
Please let us know if you need anything and stay connected during this time.
We uploaded the list of ideas to our virtual learning page and they will be adding the videos of a couple read alouds from teachers. We are also adding an album of the life cycle animals and classroom pets- our caterpillars are growing, we moved them into a safer container for chrysalis development and butterflies. The tadpoles are also growing, they are looking around and eating a lot of lettuce. Our mystery animal is really changing, check them out and send us back your guesses!
Check out the details you notice and see… any changes… what will happen next with all of our creatures??
Leonard is “vacationing” with Ms. Bronwyn and went for a swim in her pool!
Lester and our no name leopard gecko are happy and said hi!
Shel has been crawling around a lot, I think Shel is looking for all of you. When I first brought the tortoise in, Kemper, Rachel’s dog, was grumbling, barking, and very scared of the sounds coming from the tank. When I put Shel out for Kemper to meet, Kemper ran away pretty frightened. They seem to be getting along better now, Kemper has been sniffing all the animals wondering what is going on.
Rebecca sent a few photos of her dogs, Malibu and Hudson River running around and saying hello.
Ruth is looking forward to sharing some Passover recipes if we won’t be back after spring break.
Luu took home so many books, excited to read them and send in more videos.
There are a couple yoga videos recorded and available and Mr. Mason has been working on Live with Mr. Mason, we hope you check it out.
Ines is wishing everyone well also!