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Looking to foster that special bond with your child and other families? Start your journey with us at the Parent-Child Center where you will participate in a full range of classes, holiday celebrations, events and more. Below is a list of following programs for families with small children. Please be advised that we recently added a NEW CLASS called POWER HOUR that is not listed in the brochure but you are able to register for this class on online or by calling our office at 305.538.7231 ext 238.

Music Together® (birth-4 years)

Music Together® is an internationally-recognized early-childhood program based on a philosophy that all children are musical. Tuition includes: song book and CD set. To learn more visit

Lap Babies (6 weeks-6 months)

You will meet other parents, find solutions to parenting challenges and share special time with your newborn while you sing, read, and learn massage techniques, in a fun-filled setting.

Rie Bred (3-24 months)

This class encourages basic trust in the child to be an initiator, explorer and a self-learner in a physically-safe, cognitively-challenging and emotionally-nurturing environment. Children have time for uninterrupted play while adults develop their sensitive observation in order to understand the babies needs better.

YogaMusic Dance (3-24 months)

Time for YogaMusic Dance with your baby where we will dance, create choreography, play and stretch together. A unique class to share a new dimension of world music, instruments and movement. Bring your baby backpack to use it during class for dances and yoga. Loose clothes are recommended and you can also bring your own music to share with the class!

Bouncing Babies (6-12 months)

You and your baby will participate in play-based activities which support cognitive and social development while learning solutions to common parenting challenges.

Movers and Shakers (11-18 months)

Energetic toddlers move and play with a sensory experience through art, circle and story times.

Kick & Play (12-24 months)

Kick & Play, is a parent-child pre-soccer and movement program specifically designed for toddlers between 12 and 24 months. Kick & Play classes encourage toddlers to use their lower bodies more effectively in order to improve balance, overall coordination, and kicking abilities so that as they grow, they develop the tools necessary to begin playing soccer.

Young Explorers (18-24 months)

Your toddler will explore and discover through music, art, outside time and sensory play, while learning and practicing social skills.

Bright Beginnings (21-36 months)

This is a parent-cooperative program designed to support children as they transition to preschool. Children will learn to make friends, seek help from adults, separate from their parents or caregivers and participate in a preschool class in a Reggio-inspired environment.