“Our goal is to build an amiable school, where children, teachers, and families feel at home. Such a school requires careful thinking and planning concerning procedures, motivations, and interests. It must embody ways of getting along together, of intensifying relationships.” – Loris Malaguzzi.

TBS Innovative School … Powered by AltSchool is a progressive Elementary School designed to encourage and develop our understandings and practices within the social-constructivist approach to learning regarding the whole child. We are guided by the Reggio Emilia approach to learning and foster 21st-century skills including empowering children and fostering a sense of agency.

Learners work collaboratively, engaging in rich materials which promote problem-solving and inquiry. The environment is designed to foster interaction, autonomy, curiosity, and communication. Learners study “Big Ideas” during project work and throughout the curriculum. The AltSchool Platform supports personalization and differentiation for learners and teachers, and the idea of Kehilla (community) supports everything we do.

Language Arts

Learners engage in the Language Arts throughout their day. Reading and writing is experienced in a natural, organic way as an integral form of communication. Because reading and writing together both promote literacy learning, our learners have ample opportunities to write and read throughout the various subjects with the goal of a lifetime joy of reading and writing. In addition to the many authentic opportunities across the curriculum, learners will engage in Reading and Writing Workshops. Units of Study are designed to utilize best practices when teaching reading and writing. The workshops incorporate all State Standards.


Math is used daily in real-world situations. Math (and all subjects) are interwoven seamlessly into project work. In addition, learners work with Terc Investigations Math. Number operations, patterns and functions, data analysis, geometry and measurement are investigated through games, manipulatives and real world situations. Math Classroom Routines, Ten-Minute Math and Question of the Day are also utilized to give learners exposure to math concepts. State Standards are incorporated within the Investigations curriculum. The AltSchool Platform allows for personalization and differentiation which is an important part of the TBS Innovative School…Powered by AltSchool philosophy.

Social Studies

Together, we truly learn to live in community (Kehilla) daily. This is an underlying concept in everything we do. Learners work collaboratively during project work and throughout the day. They study their class, school, local, state, country, and world communities as part of our social studies curriculum. In addition, geography, history, government, and economics will be studied and explored.


Children are naturally curious. We embrace this concept. As such, our science curriculum is inquiry-based. Our learners, create theories of understanding during project work and when working in the various open-ended centers in class. Learners are given space and time to test theories. Teachers are observing them and are able to introduce materials to scaffold their learning. The non-linear cycle of inquiry continues to facilitate desired learner outcomes and theories of learning throughout the year. Learners are able to investigate, manipulate, discuss, record and predict based on observations. They develop respect for their natural and physical environment and begin to explore cause-and-effect relationships.

Foreign Languages

As global communities find expression in world web systems and the understanding that we are all connected permeates present and future generations, we at TBS Innovative School…Powered by AltSchool are committed to facilitating an extensive language program that will nurture our learners’ communicative skills as they head into the 21st Century. Learning languages helps increase listening ability, memory, creativity, and critical thinking – all of which are processes that nurture the intellect and develop analytical dispositions. Spanish and Hebrew languages are offered in a holistic instructional approach that uses both conventional and innovative strategies. Our approach appeals to individual learners’ various learning styles and is customized to address personal needs.

Judaic Studies

The goals of our Judaic Studies program are to support the learning of different aspects of contemporary Jewish life and to make Judaism pertinent to our learners’ lives. Our areas of concentration are: Mitzvot (acts of kindness), Torah and Holidays. Our program encourages learners to think about their place in the world and the importance of maintaining their connection to their Jewish community. Learners are encouraged to do Mitzvot and understand that acts of good kindness make their classroom space, school community, and the world at large a better place. Our program embraces teaching the concepts and ethics of the Torah through stories, songs, and creative expression.

Physical Education

Children’s involvement in different sports develops their diverse lifelong skills in the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social domains. In our program, children are exposed every day to different sports such as Starfit™, Gymnastics, Dance, Soccer and Yoga (including Mindfulness and Meditation). In addition, our learners go to the Galbut Family Miami Beach JCC twice a week. Learners work with a coach playing soccer, basketball, flag- football and floor hockey. There is also an optional swimming component (for an additional fee).