Immunization Policy

Vaccination is a shared responsibility and is our expectation.
Parents bring their children to Temple Beth Sholom and assume that their children will enjoy themselves, have positive social interactions, learn from the rich Jewish environment and be safe and healthy. All the learning experiences, friendship building, Jewish identity affirmation and character development can only happen if we are absolutely confident that individual safety and public health remain at the center of every decision made throughout Temple Beth Sholom. Reducing the risk of vaccine-preventable illnesses from entering any of our Temple programs is simply the single most effective strategy to protect public health. This goal can be accomplished only through the appropriate vaccination of all members of our education and youth programs. Individual families may choose to defer the vaccination of their children; at Temple Beth Sholom we cannot and will not defer the safety of our education and youth programs.

ALL WHO ARE ATTENDING PROGRAMS AT TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM OR ARE TRAVELING ON A TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM PROGRAM are required to have completed the age-appropriate vaccine schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Please visit https://www.aap.org/en-us/advocacy-and-policy/aap-health-initiatives/immunizations/Pages/Immunization-Schedule.aspx for the most up-to-date immunization schedules.

Yes, there are exceptions to the Temple Beth Sholom vaccination policy, and they are very rare.
We recognize that individuals who have had a documented allergy or severe adverse reaction to a particular vaccine may not be able to complete the immunization schedule as outlined. Additionally, individuals with medical conditions such as congenital immunodeficiency or HIV, cancer and who are receiving chemotherapy, transplant patients, and persons receiving immunosuppressive drugs and chronic steroids also may not be able to receive certain vaccines. In these extremely rare circumstances, current documentation from a Physician (MD or DO), or a Pediatric/Family Practice Advanced Practice Nurse (ARNP or PNP), describing the reason for exemption from immunization must be furnished to Temple Beth Sholom. We are happy to discuss case by case management of the extremely rare circumstance of medical contraindication to partial or complete vaccination.
Thank you!

The vaccination of all children and teens in our community is essential in order to maintain a safe educational and travel environment for your child. We thank you for your timely attention to these requirements.

Publicity Release

The Temple Beth Sholom Innovative School (TBSIS) publicity release states that adults and adults of minors understand that TBSIS publicity and all of its representatives and employees have the right to take photographs and video coverage of adults and/or minors at any and all classes, events, meetings, programs, services and workshops provided by TBSIS publicity and its affiliates.

TBSIS publicity and all of its representatives and employees have the right to copyright, use and publish photographs and video coverage of adults and/or minors within print and/or digitally.

TBSIS may use such photographs and/or video footage of adults and/or minors with or without the identification of a name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, web, and social media content. Adults, adults of minors and minors will not have the opportunity to approve or review usage or final promotional materials.

For questions regarding the publicity release policy or to add yourself or family member to a “no usage list” please call the school office at 305.532.4756

COVID-19 Guideline for Summer Camp

Please read the policies in this document.