Approach and Values

Our Big Ideas

We believe school should be a place for learning how to live and be a productive member of a community. Schools are not just for learning academic subject matter. Our approaches are constructed to bridge the gap between academic content, skill and concept learning with meaningful applications that make the pursuit of knowledge relevant in the real world. Our learners become co-constructors of their learning and this is a learning disposition that will be nurtured in our learners for a life-time.

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Kehilla Community

We believe that building a sustainable learning and living school community not only contributes to constructive academic success, but is also linked to a positive sense of self in relationship to other. We know that when our learners grow their ability to see different perspectives amongst the members of their community, they naturally become positive, caring, respectful, kind, and joyful people within and beyond our shared school community. Our Kehilla Approach™ enables us to grow a web of relationships that permeates our practices and approaches throughout the entire day.

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