The Innovative School of Temple Beth Sholom is a Reggio inspired Jewish school. We serve infant/toddler to fifth grade. 


We believe school should be a place for learning how to live and be a productive member of a community. Schools are not just for learning academic subject matter. Our approaches are constructed to bridge the gap between academic content, skill and concept learning with meaningful applications that make the pursuit of knowledge relevant in the real world. Our learners become co-constructors of their learning and this is a learning disposition that will be nurtured in our learners for a life-time.

Learn more about the Reggio Emilia approach model.

The Innovative School of Temple Beth Sholom is a Reggio inspired Jewish community dedicated to joyful learning

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We are on the right track!

“It does not require a great leap of imagination or profound insight to recognize that the values and visions that have driven education during the

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Chag Sameach!  Happy Passover! 

Dear School Community, Chag Sameach!  Happy Passover!  We enjoyed sharing our school wide Haggadah Presentation with all of you.   Everyone had such a great time reliving the Passover

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COVID 19 Response

The Innovative School has been highly successful in mitigating the spread of Covid-19 in our school through various measures. We invite you to read our current Protocols as well as the Social Contract (Brit) that we have made with one another.