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Temple Beth Sholom Innovative School - Infant/Toddler Level

A full-time, full-day, early childhood learning center embracing the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Designed for children 8 weeks-24 months old. Schedule a tour of our facility: Email Teresa Probst

Temple Beth Sholom Innovative School - Foundation Level

For children preschool-PreK, our Foundation Level follows the Reggio Emilia philosophy which believes children are products of their culture. Schedule a tour of our facility by contacting the school registrar.

Temple Beth Sholom Innovative School - Elementary Level

With a well-rounded curriculum of academics and aesthetics, our Elementary Level delivers innovative personalized learning so EVERY child reaches their potential. Schedule a tour at your convenience.

You're Welcome Here!

Dear Families,

“I think every parent, every scientist, every early childhood educator who has looked at a young child sees that curiosity, that wonder and asks themselves, what can we do to keep this alive in a child, to foster it, to fan the flames and not to dampen that curiosity?” Dr. Andrew Meltzoff – Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences – University of Washington

Our educators, parents and learners embrace the opportunity to be engaged in powerful learning moments as we are immersed in our search for knowledge, deeper understandings and new questions.  We live and learn together in community around legitimate questions, collaboratively building possibilities and seeing different perspectives.  We imagine what it could be like in our big world if all education were built on learners’ questions, wonderings and theories.  If all education respected differences and permitted learners to enter into spaces of disequilibrium where children can search for and reconstruct meaning.  We are deeply grateful for our school approach where we have the opportunity daily to think for ourselves, think joyfully with others, and enter into authentic and open relationships with one another.

Simply, the Temple Beth Sholom Innovative School is a habitat for learners to be seen as competent and essential to the design of the learning experience. It is a place where diversity is embraced, respect vital, and relationships key to the fabric of our community. As a professional team, we want to grow thinkers, debaters, and creators who have a deep sense of agency and who constantly ask why and why not.   We want our learners to imagine what can be and not settle for what is.

We welcome you and feel privileged to be a part of your life!


Margie Zeskind

Head of School

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2021-2022 Enrollment Open

Enroll now for the 2021-2022 school year within both our Foundation and Elementary Levels. Our Infant/Toddler Level has open enrollment year-round.
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COVID-19 Response

TBSIS has been highly successful in mitigating the spread of Covid-19 in our school through various measures. We invite you to read our current Protocols as well as the Social Contract (Brit) that we have made with one another.